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Bliss Mattress

The Dream Collection combines our 744 foam-encased, individually-wrapped coil support system and visco memory foam to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed.

Made in the USA.

Surface materials:

CoolTek Fabric

CT GEL Memory Foam

Eco-Friendly HD Eco-Flex Foam

Comfort layers:

Tri-Zoned Foam Encased Design

Certipur-US Certified Foams

Support system:

Individually Wrapped Coils

7 Series (700+ Coils)

No Motion Transfer

Individualized Contouring


Blue Jean

Model Firmness Height
Bliss Pillow Top Plush 15.5″
Bliss Euro Top Medium 14″
Bliss Firm Firm 12.5″



20 Year Warranty


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