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At Diamond Mattress our team of artisans has four generations of experience in the mattress industry, keeping us rooted in tradition. Combined with our passion for state-of-the-art sleep, our approach to design is always fresh and modern. We’re proudly dedicated to making the kind of mattresses that dreams are made of.

Experienced Designers

We hand-pick every layer of comfort and support to ensure that every Diamond Mattress provides the most effective sleep.

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We fit and finish every mattress using trusted techniques mastered through years of experience.

The Artistry in Every Mattress

It’s what’s inside your mattress that counts. Learn more

We believe that a mattress is so much more than a mattress. It’s where we start and end each day. Where we hold our loved ones and turn off the noise. It’s our home inside the home, our safe place.

As an essential part of your life, a mattress should make you feel whole every time you rise up for the day. Providing this feeling is at the core of how we handcraft every Dreamstage mattress. Our beds are made with nothing but the finest materials in the market, for a sleep that wholeheartedly addresses all your needs to feel well-rested.

From nested coils that offer individualized contouring to memory foams and latex that adapt to body heat and movement, our assortment of materials and layers go above and beyond what our competitors offer. Curating an environment that feels completely soothing and improves wellness is what we strive to do as craftsmen of comfort.

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